Another scam busts a lot of people

Seagull Softwares was a company that was prmoting a work at home data entry job system in Sri Lanka. They charged a registration fee upfront which was 1.5 times the monthly pay, which meant you become profitable only after you complete two months with them.

But apparently teh work was pretty easy. You could buy work slots and for a computer savvy persona slot was only about 10 minutes of work per day. So this would have become a method of easy money in most people’s eyes.

It also offered a convinience like no otehr earning opportunity. It was flexible and it required not special training. Also, it allowed a lot of those who were unable to work an opportunity to earn. Specially given the fact that part-time work is virtually non-existant in Sri Lanka.

So they had a great demand. I heard that people stood in queues to register themselves in this scheme. There had been people who had bought hundreds of slots and was employing others to do the work.

Guess what, about a three days ago the Police has busted the place. The scammers have jumped the country. Apprently it was a racket which was run by a couple of Indians. The web site is registered under the name of Raj Sekr in Chennai. They have not made payments to people for the last month or so for the work performed. And there ahd been a lot of people who have registered but who had not completed one mon ths work to become eligible to pay.

Somehow another smart fellow has managed to scam a lot of people and vanish with thier money.

Who said there is free lunch? Or rather easy lunch…


  1. I see this in a very different way, scams happen all over the world and many are victims and what you recover is only the lessen learnt. Let me put in point form

    01 what is a company calling seagull software’s (which obviously gives the idea of a IT firm) doing so much of marketing related work!

    02 the web page you use to upload your so called sales are done through a Windows based IIS server and CAN NOT support such a load that’s why you have problems with the URL

    03 the work load you get for the amount of money, is it really worth! What does the company make! Did you ever think about it!

    04The people who were working at the place were all customer service representatives! Is that the structure that you expect!

    05 A two story house with a ******** structure! When it clamed to be and as it seemed to be earning millions!

    I can go on… my idea is not to be smart!!! The whole point it to take is as a learning curve! I work in a BPO company and have seen and read about scams which is very common.. but the right steps would have eliminated a lot of miss happenings. Do you ever even reply to mails you get saying you’ve won 1000$ etc.. there is nothing called easy money, no investment is risk free!! Learn about the business world and use your hard earned money for investments.
    What happened at seagull is every one jumped in to the well h=just because a friend did!!
    But the well planned scam has remarkable business and marketing strategies used, and grabbed the uneducated public well.
    Their should be a government structure to look in to new businesses and to monitor events that can have effect on the general public on a large scale.
    We can indeed go arguing but from all my experience and the knowledge I gained from reading and studding scams, the result ends up on a prevention basis and recovery is not done or very small.
    There was a major scam in Indonesia and it took Interpol 6 years to catch that guy but at the end the no money was recovered, the guy spent 2 years in a Canadian prison and when he was brought to his country the law did not have provision to file a case against him. Business law is not what we think it is!!
    I am truly sorry for you guys…. I am truly. But it’s a lessen learned and the investment is the price you spent for it depending on your intellect!
    Some spent 6500 to learn that lesion and some had to spend more!
    Sudath Horadagoda

  2. I’ve been chasing con artists and writing about them, their ways, their tricks, their methods, for the past 45 years. It always amazes me how many people get sucked into big “investments” with these people. Some scams are simple (and dumb), like the inheritance scam, historical bonds, stock tips on gold and silver mining partnerships, several others. Still people fall for these, every day of the year, even the classic “dirt pile” scam.

    This one seems to be more elaborate, one that might fool a lot of intelligent people. Nonetheless, from what I can tell, it seems to have had all of the usual scam warning signs flashing at many steps along the way.

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