Affno Strikes GOLD (twice) at BCS Awards

Last weekend was a great weekend for Affno as we won 2 Gold awards (for the two entries in two categories we participated in), won the Overall Silver Award, across all 13 categories and won a special award from the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

For this years National Best Quality Software awards, Affno submitted entries for 2 categories. We made an entry into the e-goverment category with our Town Planning Services Management Solution (TPSMS) as well as the Financial Applications category with Retail Market Booster (RMB) – our online stock trading solution. Out of all 13 categories FA was the most keenly contested category as it had the highest number of entries (11).

After the initial category presentations both our products were called for a second presentation, this time for the overall awards.

TPSMS won the e-government category. RMB won the FA category beating other solutions like online banking solutions. I think it was a well deserved award as RMB has already proven itself in the Sri Lankan market, with 6 of the top stock brokers going online with it! RMB also bagged the overall Silver award as well the Institute of Chartered Accountants award for the best Financial Application.

This makes Affno the most succesful products company in Sri Lanka. There was no other company winning two categories and four awards in total. Great show Affno team!

As for my part I am very happy to be a part of this great team and for doing my bit in getting the awards for Affno, because I was a presenter for both presentations for RMB. But I missed the party last Sunday night as I my wifee was not feeling well and instead of going to the party I decided to stay at home with her. But hey, I was there when I was needed most, for both of them, for Affno and for my wife!


  1. Anon

    Just wondering, is Affno the company behind the SriLankan Airlines site?

    If so, are you aware that many people (including myself) are having major difficulty using your e-commerce features, for the latest online promotion that’s being carried out?

    Maybe Affno won lots of awards, but the true test of their performance is the quality of their products. Which seems to be pretty poor. (If Affno did not make the site I apologise.)

  2. It was Affno who did the site initially. But now they have taken over the maintenance of it upon themselves. So your complaint should be directed to SriLankan themselves.

    If Affno did it, you can rest assured that it will be very user friendly because we put all our work through a usability test!

  3. someone

    Yeah … You guys have won some “Local” awards where Sri Lanka is a well known country for unbiased judgments.

    But do you people know what the meaning of “quality” is? No wonder why you lost the deal with “Adaaran” after messing up with their Club Ranaali site.

  4. K

    i have no connection with affno what so ever and infact work for a rival web solution provider, but i really look upto the solutions that affno has provided!!

    Each and every site that i have stumbled upon that has been done by affno are admirable. The designs are really creative and kept simple, the sites are very user friendly and above all the job seems to be completed 100% in them all.

    I maybe wrong as i am commenting with what is seen to us as web visitors only. But i also visited the club ranhali site which “somebody” above has claimed was messed up by affno but i see nothing wrong with it! Infact it is such a breathtaking site that i would definitley be enticed to visiting the place.

  5. E Renters Insurance type of

    I come to your site because it keeps me entertained and aware of new things.

  6. someone

    K> wow , what a greate taste you have. You must be a “true sri lankan” designer…

  7. K

    Someone >> I may be a “true sri lankan” designer as you put it. But keep in mind that designs are a subjective thing. One person may not like at all what the other perceives as the best.

  8. Saman

    i did my thesis on the quality and standards of web development in SL.

    The web industry in SL is a mushroom industry. where you have a lot of small and medium sized compoanies. Based on my finding on some of the well known web developers i can say that if your looking for a leader in this web segment it would have to be Affno.

    If you look at the number of clients or sites that they have done they are ahead of the rest. it is not just number but also these are for the top companies and brands.

    It takes more than a good design to make a good site, usability and strategy also plays and equal importance. While there are companies that do really goo designs or have user friendly features it is hard to find those who excel in all 3. This i believe is Affno’s edge. Been able to maintain all 3 at a very good standard.

    we’ve heard about inner beauty in people, well its kind of the same for a website. A website should not only attract but also sustain and increase visitors. And unless these standards are also improved all others would be merely be followers while affno stays ahead

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