Visited quite by accident today. Seems they have improved or added in quite a bit from the last time I visited the site. From what I saw, seems MS is following Google’s footsteps. They are building a site that has a lot of similarities to Google.

I never considered MS to be trail blazers. But they are good at one thing, that is emulating things and making them better. In my eye, I am sure MS will take to directly compete with Google. Who can blame them, Google seems to be trying to become the MS of the web. MS just tried to control the Computers based on their OS market share. Google is trying to control the on-line market based on the strength of their search engine. And now Google is building and offering applications for free. But what they are really doing is getting all data into their servers. So in my view, they are going to build a bigger monopoly than MS because when your data is at their control, what good are the applications?

But getting back to my topic, I think is going in a pretty good direction. MS is coming up with services that are all tied together. I like the concept of Live Spaces. It brings the blogs, photos, and friends together into one place. Google also seems to be trying to go in this direction with their Blogger beta, which they have now tied to Google account.

If you take a look at, you can probably see where MS is heading with Looks a lot like the path Google tread, but hey I like it. I like the approach they are taking which allows their apps to work with other services, such as the mail client that allows you to bring all your Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail into one client. Live messenger that allows you to chat with Yahoo Messenger contacts, Writer that allows you post to your blogs in Spaces, WordPress and Blogger, etc. I like this approach coming from MS who usually tried to push out the other players in the markets. I guess MS has finally learned that the winner is who gives the user maximum flexibility.

Way to go MS. I will be watching and its progress with interest.


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