Online photo sharing

Since I acquired a digital camera, I was getting a lot more pictures than I thought I would and was increasingly finding these pictures to be residing on my computer or burned to CD’s. Though I had browsed on Flickr I was not seriously considering an online photo sharing option till very recently.

I guess digital camera’s have transformed the way people communicate and record the events in their lives. Earlier, you would take a few carefully thought pictures, and then develop and print them and share them with those who visit you. not you capture the moment freely as digicams can take a whole lot of more pictures and most of the time, you don’t bother printing them. you just mail them to the people you want to share them with!

So I was looking around for an easier way to share the pictures rather than sending them across in emails and sharing them in instant chat sessions. But what I found was that most of the free services are pretty much basic and limiting. But in any case I thought of recording what my little research yielded:

Filckr – By far seems to be the favourite. But I found the limitation on the free service, well very much a limitation. Photo uploading seems to be taking ages and when I upload a few from my 7.1 MP camera, my monthly bandwidth quota is over!

Snapfish – Seems to be my best bet so far! I have not come across any storage or space limitation yet. Uploading is pretty intuitive. The only drawback seems to be in the urls they assign to albums.

PicasaWeb – I uninstalled the last Picasa version I had cos I could not see much use for that. But I installed the latest version when I read about the Picasa web. The most intuitive program and accompanying service I came across. But why am I not surprised? Guess we have come to expect such ease of usability from Google. the only hindrance is the 250 MB space limit Google has imposed on the free service. The only thing I don’t get though, when they give over 2 Gb free on the mail account, why cant they at least give that much on the Picasa account? At least allow us to share our mail box space with the Picasa web?

MS Live Spaces – Just created an account when I realized I could use the space to upload photos. Won’t be blogging there though. Will share more as I start to use it.

Webshots –  Had used this earlier. Seemed like a pretty good service apart from the commercials that they try to push to you. Should start using this more!

That’s about my experience with online photo sharing for the time being. I would like to hear some comments from those who are experts on these things. As I said in the beginning, i am pretty new to this whole thing.


  1. Pradheep

    Google probably gives us 2GB cause they know that no one probably uses that much of storage for mails. But if they give the same amount for photo’s they figure that everyone could make full use of it. What do you think?

  2. Come to think of it Pradheep, I think I tend to agree with you. I cant think of any other logical reason for this. Yeah, then they were’nt as generous as we thought them to be, were they?

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