Upgrading my home network

I have been having a Wireless router since last December. But unfortunately, I was not able to create a Wifi home network due to the fact that I could not connect it to my DSL modem. The modem that I had bought only had a USB output and the router needed a ethernet connection. But I was reluctant to spend money on a another DSL router.

Finally I got hold of a Aztec 1 port router. So now I have a Wifi home network setup. And I the Wifi network is pretty strong and covers almost the whole house.

But there is an annoying fact. My Wifi router keeps on resetting itself from time to time. Apart from that, it is pretty smooth browsing.


  1. Sam

    Under normal condition router not suppose to restart it self, unless there is something wrong with that or if that get over heated. But it is very common signal drop time to time for small time period. Try eliminating any potential interference problems (fans, electric code, xbox, ps2, wireless telephone, etc..)
    Also try updating firmware if there is anything new available.
    There is anther useful trick for you https://jonare.wordpress.com/2006/05/11/linksys-wrt55ag-wireless-router-problems/

  2. Dude

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