Well I have taken my reading habit to a new level, with the help of Audio Books. Now I listen, instead of reading. And still trying to come to terms with this change.

I am not entirely sure whether I will adopt audio books instead of paper books or PDF’s. One thing I like about them is that they are less demanding on the effort required to read. And it requires less physical action, you just plug the earphones and listen. And it gives me a chance to put my PDA to better use.

But this same lack of involvement somewhat makes audio books less engaging than reading a book. When you read a book, your eyes are on the book. This helps me concentrate more on what I am reading. But when I am listening to an audio book, my eyes are left to wander, and this causes more distractions. It is not as if you are listening to someone in person. There is no eye contact with the material. I think, if you need to study, still reading will be a better bet due to the fact that it is more engaging.

But, audio books allows you to read (listen) faster. I am able to go through a book at a much faster rate. But what I need to see is whether the rate of retention is more or less than reading. But it could also be sue to the fact that I am not that used to audio books. My learning has predominantly come from reading. Hence listening to audio books requires somewhat of a paradigm shift in the way that I am used to read. Maybe if I can make this transition effectively, then I think audio books will allow me to read more!


  1. Jay

    audio books are cool, but i find its so much effort to concentrate on them!

    like you said, you get distracted so easily, and you wander, then you forget what happened, and have to fumble around to go back 5 seconds!

    whereas with books, if you get distracted, you can just re read the page over and over again.

    but, it could just be getting used to it as you say.

    have fun finding out though!

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  3. I too have switched to audiobooks some time back. Now it’s become a lot easier to concentrate. I listen to audiobooks a lot when driving and working out.
    In December I opened an online audio books store:
    Audio Books Corner – all downloadable and no physical shipment. So if you’re looking for an audiobook, no more waiting, we’re open 24/7. Seems to meet with a demand. People actually come and buy the audiobooks and download them. We run an affiliate program, so if you are into audiobooks, feel free to join.

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