Personalizing your workspace

I came across this article by Steve Pavlina on creating a relaxing environment in your work space in order to achieve a higher level of productivity. I was able to immediately resonate with this article as it reminded me of how tensed up I was feeling in a somewhat cramped workspace sometime ago.

I remember on the first day in an earlier job I was given a desk which was painted a dull gray and it was pretty cramped in a cramped room. I could not figure it out in the beginning, but I was putting an effort to be happy and enthusiastic on that job from day one. That affected my performance and also my stay in that company was short-lived.

Pavlina suggests some creative ideas about personalizing your workspace. Although some of those ideas may be hard to apply in a corporate environment, specially if you are sharing an office room with other persons, some would be pretty easy to apply and would create a more personalized environment.

To me, the main reason for personalizing my desk is to make office enjoyable and engaging. I want my desk to reflect my personality. If you are in a new job you may not want to decorate your desk on day one. Instead, you may take some time to do it. But in any case, it is a good idea to either adapt the environment according to you or to adopt according to the environment.

Here is the article on Relaxifying your workspace.


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