Good to be back… Drama in Dubai…

I am back! Back here in Sri Lanka, back amongst the loved ones.

I was looking forward to coming back home. I wanted to come back to my wife, parents and family. I missed being around them, specially my wife. And I know she missed me like hell. So it is good to be back finally.

We had a rather long and tiring journey back home. There were two transits and plenty of drama. The best and the worst being at Dubai being told that we do not have a seat to come back to Colombo, after a 20 hour transit. We were told that our tickets were cancelled, despite us having the printout which said our tickets were re-confirmed. This delayed us by another 5 hours as we only managed to find a seat on the second plane.

That I think is the worst that you can face. That disrupted our plans and out our schedules off by hours. We were lucky to be able to find a flight within 5 hours. There were some people who had been waiting for two days without being able to find a seat.

I assume for the airline staff these occurrences might be normal and routine, but for the traveller, it is completely upsetting. It makes you feel completely lost and helpless. You are being put in the mercy of others. Basically you have to either make a big scene or beg! So much so for service standards!

I was not at all happy at the way the whole situation was handled by the SriLankan Airlines staff in Dubai. The only helpful people who helped us genuinely were the Emirates staff. They were more considerate and seemed genuinely willing to help. SriLankan was trying to get away!

In any case, I am happy to be back. I am not thrilled as I thought I would be about travelling. I guess I would  like travelling as long as I travel with my family. But travelling on business and being away from family doesn’t seem to be fun for me. But then again, there are things that are beyond your control.


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