Tanzania update (2)

The last couple of days have been pretty productive. We manged to move forward and the meetings we had were pretty productive. It is pretty easy to work with the Project Manager from our clients' organization. He is very proactive and is well aware of the limitations of the technology, and also the limitations of his users. So we managed to nail down the requirements to a manageable and practical level.

Apart from a few streets in Dar Es Salaam, I have'nt seen Tanzania much. Hopefully that will change tomorrow after we do the day safari to Mikumi National Park tomorrow. Though I am not much of a wild life buff, it is said that a trip to Tanzania is not complete without a safari. So, I am hoping to make it complete as fast, easily and cheaply as possible.

The safari's are pretty expensive here. They were asking in the range of $ 350 – $ 450 for a day safari. That did not include food or the entrance ticket to the park. But we managed to negotiate a jeep for $ 300. So the cost per person will be $ 150 + Food + entrance. To be quite honest I was not planning on doing a safari spending that kind of money.

As for the weather, the rain seems to have eased off. So it's a bit hot right now. And yes, they show the FIFA world cup live over here.

I would have enjoyed this trip more if I was not missing my love like I do right now. I am more eager to run back home to you darling. But my work here demands that I stay here for another week. Please hangon for another week, and when I  am back, I will make it up to you! I love you!

  1. savi3

    nvr heard of Mikumi… on my list for safari are the Serengeti, Selous and the Ngorongoro Crater. the Great Migration is a must see i’m told.. again on the list of things to do 🙂

  2. Niki

    I think it’s really cool to visit Africa. I’ve been to South Africa in the fall and it was beautiful! It was sometimes 12-14C during the day! What’s the temp like in Tanzania? Do they have seasons too or is it just sunny as they are close to the equator?

  3. Pradheep

    Thanks for the info. As far as I am concerned. The next time there is a big sports event. I am getting out of this country at least travel to africa. Since the next time they decide to knock off the cable tv channels during a massive sports event. I will not be here to suffer.

  4. yoyo

    Have a great time in Africa. Keep up the updates we travel with you. See all you can when possible!

    On the worldcup,at least I hear that they are showing it in SL only at a later time.Some very very rich countries in the Middle East are not showing it at all, you can only see it if you have a SAT or Cable connection. So many of the football fans who cannot afford a SAT connection are in the dark, so SL is a little better.

  5. Pradheep

    Hey Yoyo!

    All the matches are not being shown. Only a selected few are being shown. The SAT and Cable connections have been selaed by the government.

    My Cable connection is gone too. Our wonderful government has suddenly found that the operator is illegal. Well I guess you do not know the story so visit


    for a clearer picture and read the comments too

  6. Lushi

    I love you to!!!!! :-*)

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