Tanzania, here I come…

I had to visit Tanzania for a project that our company has undertaken. This is a journey that I undertook with mixed feelings. I was partially exited, because of the challenge is presented, it is a fairly large scoped project with a very tight deadline which requires collaboration between three companies in a consortium. I was sad because I was going to spend two weeks here in Tanzania, away from my wife, which is the longest time I am going to be spending away from her. And to be quite frank I don't like the idea of having to spend time away from her.

We landed in Tanzania around 8.45 Tanzanian time (GMT + 3) after a long journey which lasted for almost 20 hours and had two transits. We had almost spent 12 hours in transits and around 10 hours on air. We flew via Dubai (UAE) and Nairobi (Kenya). We were dead tired by the time we arrived in Dar es Salaam and by the time we got our visa sorted out it was another hour gone.

And due some complexities it took us another 3 hours for us to finally settledown at the apartment that was reserved for us. It is a comfortable adobe. It is a serviced, two bedroomed apartment with all the modern amneties. But still I miss home terribly. I miss the usual things around me and more than anything I miss my wife.

I will post more as time progresses and as I discover more of Tanzania.


  1. savi3

    always wanted to visit Tanzania, the safari experience in Eastern Africa is supposed to be unrivalled. look fwd to hearing some further updates about Tanzania.

  2. Short, sweet, to the point, FR-xaeEEctly as information should be!

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