Travelling Tips – Top 10 gadgets

Staying on the same topic of travelling, these gadgets will help you fight your boredom or help you get out of a tricky situation.

Personally I think that some of the devices are merged and provide multiple functionality. In my case my PDA doubles up as my MP3 player and also the camera. But I prefer to use a PDA instead of a smartphone, because of the size considerations. Also, I use the PDA to detect WiFi hotspots, so I don't need a WiFi detector.

All in all a good story to run through. Check out The top 10 gadgets for business travellers.

EDIT: Oops, seems I have missed out on including the link. It's there now! 

  1. Is it just me or is something missing?

  2. Something is missing!

  3. Maybe the gadget that adds links didn’t work!

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