Adobe’s double standards

Here's a funny story. Adobe has pushed MS to drop PDF support form Office 2007. Apparently Adobe wanted MS to charge the customers extra for incorporating PDF functionality into Office and now MS has instead decided to drop the PDF support and instead offer it as a download. You can get the story here>>

The irony of this is that though Adobe touts PDF as an open standard, when they saw the mass potential that MS office has, they either got scared or got greedy. Either way they wanted to make a ton of money by piggy backing on MS Office.

The part that I don't get is, if it is supposed to be an open standard, then what's the problem of allowing MS to offer it free with Office? Other office suites as Open Office does it an Adobe has had no issues with that. But why the double standards when it comes to MS.

I defend MS because it is MS that made computing easier for the masses. If computers were running on something like Unix, I personally would'nt have adopted to computers. C'mon, it is MS who made it easy for the masses. And I personally don't see an issue with them adding more features for money. The arguments against it are becoming really ridiculous. The way those arguments are going, if applied to automobiles, the car makers would not be able to offer any type of enhancements in their models. Even offering air conditioning will be seen as anti-competitive for the small time air conditioning vendors!

I hope the rest of the world starts to look at all these from the point of view of the customers. The more the customers get, the better they are. But as it seems now, the regulators are looking at the point of view of the businesses. 


  1. Sam

    Sadam is a bad guy (I don’t know him personally. But people say so). But after US invent Iraq there is more killing going on than even before Sadam. Same thing happened in the WWII. But after some time, winner turns in to ultimate good guys. And loosers turn in to the ultimate bad guys.
    I have no question America bring Democracy to Iraq – Give people a chance to go to election. So I like the final destination. But what I don’t like is the journey to the destination.
    This is the same issue most of the people have with Microsoft. Sure Microsoft make computer useful for every day people (if we forget about the fact IBM license PC platform to other venders freely and that is the real reason we get a computer cheap – and Windows cost half of the price of the hardware). For sure Microsoft powers half of the world. Make computer user-friendlier every day (if we forget about Apple). But the question is how Microsoft does this process. And how many other inventions and products get killed in this process.

    US solders misbehaviors in Iraq do not justify by the final result (democracy). But solders misbehaviors do not undervalue Democracy either. Same like that – Microsoft’s monopoly in a free market do not justify by the fine product they manufacture. And these fine products do not under value by the Microsoft’s monopoly either. Good intention is not excuse to bad behaviors.

    If Windows is a car – it is a nice car. It carries all other software in that (passengers). But AC! Aha! Don’t touch that. That is part of the CAR and that is licensed. Even the Power jack to AC adapter is license and encrypted. So if you want to improve the AC – you batter wait till new release come out. If you are AC manufacture you pay Microsoft license and then Microsoft will give you a key to the AC power adapter – Microsoft may say – ‘since I made this adapter you should pay to use it’.. If your AC brake down you can only use genuine Microsoft AC – that mean no Taiwan AC. If you buy a car without AC, then you cant manually install a AC – because there I no power adapters for that + there I no third party Car AC in the market.

    Jaguar is fine car. Ford is a fine car. Land Rover is a fine SUV, same as Volvo. But all of those cars belong to Ford Motor Company. Ford didn’t destroy Jaguar and Volvo or melt down them and turn in to Ford so Ford will be the only finest car in the world. Or Ford didn’t stop Jaguar inventing new technologies so Ford cars will be the best car. But what happend to Foxpro.. what happend to all other software that melt down and turn in to Microsoft.

    Anyway UNIX is not a competitor to windows car – UNIX is something like a Truck.

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