Software and Bugs

This is a very interesting article on a very common phenomena in software, bugs. Eric Sink has written an article titled "My life as a Code Economist" which attempts to explore and reason out why software companies release software with bugs.

All software engineers know that the products that we release have at least a few bugs. Come to think of it, we are the ones who know for sure that the software has bugs. But yet, we release them to our clients. Eric has given a very good explanation of why this is done. The crux of the argument is we know that the release has bugs, but we are not ashamed of it. Because, we know the quality at which our product stands and we know that it is practically impossible for us to release a product with the last bug fixed.

Why? Well there are several reasons such as time and money constraints. But above them all, there is the possibility of every fix introducing new bugs to the software. So the fixing can become never ending.

The solution? We well release software with known bugs. But we will address the bugs based on their severity and impact. So ultimately our clients will have a solution that they can work with. So the next time your clients complain about the bugs, asses them based on the code economists perspective. Things will make a little more sense.

For a review of the above article go to Guardian web site.


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