Portable Apps

Now this is a cool idea, Portable Apps! I guess you can call it the next revolution. Although the proponents have not labeled it revolutionary, I personally think it is. Or, the next big idea after the Internet!

Why I say it is the next best thing after the Internet is, if Internet propelled mobile computing to the next level and called fuelled the notion 'the network is the computer', by having web based applications that allowed people to work from anywhere by logging on to the Internet, this will enable us to work, even without the connection, from anywhere in the world!

I like the idea of carrying my web browser with all my bookmarks, my calender with all my appointments (I wont need to keep syncing my PDA between my home and work computers), carrying my virus guard with me (again, I wont have to upgrade virus guards at work and at home), etc. This is very cool!

Just imagine the possibilities, you wont be dependant on the computer or the connection to the Internet anymore! It'll be like carrying your laptop in your pocket! I know what I am talking about will take time to realize, but at least, seems we are heading at the right direction.

Man, I am hooked on to this idea! 


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