Mothers’ Day…

We (as in my wife and I) decided to do something special for our mothers this mothers’ day. The more we thought and the more lost we were. You see our mothers are pretty happy living their lives in a very simplistic way. So, trying to get them something that will truly make them happy was a bit of a challenge. Then we realized, the most they desire out of us, was to spend time with them. So we dedicated the whole of the day, for them, to spend time with them.

So we took them out for lunch, some shopping, some visiting, some socializing and dinner. A complete day spent with them. It was a bit tiring towards the end, but it was time well spent. I think my mother specially liked going out, visiting and socializing aspects. She met a few old acquaintances and she would have been happy.

Oh, and I need to apologize, for being a snappy at one time!


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