IE 7 gets clearance

I wrote about Google whining about IE 7’s default search box having MSN as the default search engine in an earlier post. Seems MS has got the clearance from the US Federal court to go ahead with its plans for IE 7 and that Google has been told to shut up.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a regular Google user, but this complaint was more of a whining than a genuine complaint. Since, Google is earning a lot of revenue from its advertising service, AdWords, it is taking all attempts to guard this revenue.

Google was prepared to fight it out based on the technical superiority of its product. Now that it is no more the underdog, it has climbed to the top, it is trying to rest on its laurels and expects everyone to accept its superiority. MS on that sense is better because it has managed to get out of that mentality. It is still prepared to be humbled on its learning process and challenged by new comers and better technology. I think they learned this lesson after they made their blunder with the Internet.

So, I guess Google should stop whining and get back to what they were doing best; churning out the fastest searching algorithm and work on the next generation. That way they will retain their leadership position and get people to use their search engine over-riding the defaults.

And if they are complaining, then they should get on to the level playing field by playing fair with all other browsers that they are riding on.


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