Google complains on MS

News has been traveling around saying that Google is worried about a new feature on IE7, which has a Search Box built in which, by default, passes the search query to MSN search. And quite rightly Google must be worried that this will take away a significant percentage of their search traffic.

But to me, this sounds a bit hypocritic because FireFox has a search box built in which by default searches in Google. Also Google is promoting and offering a Firefox download which has a Google Toolbar built in.

It is funny how differently things are perceived when similar tactics are being adopted by the likes of Microsoft and Google. When Google and the company does it, it is perceived as user friendly innovations. And when MS attempts a similar tactic, it is perceived as an anti-competitive practice.

Now dont get me wrong, I am a big fan of Google. I use their services for the most part and I almost exclusively search using Google. I use GMail and a lot of other services. But I use them not because I have been forced or tricked into using it. I trust my intelligence to choose what is better for me. And if some default option that is provided is not good enough I will seek out and get something that is more appropriate for me.

So why does everyone love to take a shot at whatever MS offers? Is everyone scared? Is it because of their size and their financial capabilities? Or is it because they fear that they are not consistent enough? Or is it because they are so worried about losing their advantages in the market?

The next thing they will go into is to sue web sites that give the option of setting it’s homepages as default pages in the browser!


  1. Agreed. It’s quite bigoted of Google to complain.

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