Day one at new job

Today I started my new job. I moved over to Affno, a software company specializing in web solutions and knowledge management products, as a Project Manager. I am very exited to get start working on the solutions offering of Affno. They are an award winning software company that has won both international and national awards for the solutions and web sites that they have produced.

I am also exited at the prospect of working on the whole project management life-cycle. I am looking forward to putting into practice some of the processes and best-practices that I have picked up from PMI's PMBOK.

The first day has been pretty uneventful. I was exposed to the methodology they follow and the process. Day two promises to be more interesting, with some real work lined up. I am looking forward to that.


  1. hey man can u gimme da website or an email add for affno?

  2. Pradheep


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  3. I love this site. Good work…

  1. 1 Martin


    He that respects not is not respected…

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