New Year Rituals

I am looking forward to the rest of the week as it is going to be holidays and New Year!

I like the new year for several reasons. One it is a holiday and I look forward to spending time with my family. It is a time to renew the relationships with all the relations, friends and neighbours. It is a time that is spent visiting and catching up with these people, who otherwise do not cross paths with you.

Second I am looking forward to the new year because of the food! I have to admit that I have a sweet tooth and I enjoy all the traditional sweetmeats that are made on account of the new year. I specially love the 'Kavum' that my mother makes. They are the best that I have tasted.

I like the part of exchanging gifts. More than the idea of receiving gifts, I like the part of giving gifts. To be honest I was not much of a gift giver until I got married. I learned the art of giving gifts from my wife. I have been involved in this ritual with her during the last year and I see the amount of thought that she puts into giving a gift. It is not how much you spend on the gift that matters, but the amount of consideration that you put in, to identify and to select something that the recipient would truly want.

Also, giving gifts gives me a chance to tell the people that I treasure in my life, that I care about them. It gives me a chance to tell them, that though I do not talk to them as often as ought to, or visit them as often as I'd like to, that I do think about and care about them.

I also try to use the new year to sort of re-energize myself. I like to set targets and goals and it presents and official occasion to embark on these. As it is said, it is a new year, a time to forgive, forget and start fresh!


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