Unique Identifier Data Type issues in .NET 2.0

If you have used Unique Identifier data type in your .NET 2.0 applications, chances are you would have if you used any of the built in user management, role managemetn features in .NET 2.0, you may have come across a data type mismatch issue when updating, inserting data.

The issue seems to be when you allow VWD IDE to generate the parameters of the SQLDataSources, it generates the datatype for unique identifiers as Object, which causes a runtime error. The simple solution that I found is to change the parameters data type to String. This worked! Now this may not be the ideal way to handle it, but it got me out of the head scratching situation. I would like to hear about the proper solution to this.


  1. someone

    .NET 2.0 has a variable type System.GUID that you can cast into string…

  2. Yep I too had to use .tostring. If you found any solution please post it back.

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