In between jobs

I have not been blogging for almost two weeks now. I was busy than usual although the season has caught a notion of holidays. These past two weeks have been tremendously busy mainly because I am changing jobs. So right now I am in the period where I am in-between jobs. I have accepted a new job and am serving the notice period. So my work these days mainly revolves around planning a smooth transition for my successor.

I had taken up quite a large project and was in the process of putting things together for it. The biggest challenge was finding the resources. The internal resouces that I was targetting did not materialize and hence I had to resolve to hire new resources, which obviously took more time. But this delay was not apparent as the client made a few schedule slippages on thier part, them being a government organization and the last local government election seemed to be more important to them than any IT project.

So, with the client delays setting off our delays, i think the project should be able to meet the adjusted time-line. But for my part, I did the initial aspects and managed to mitigate some of the risks that were lurking over the project. There was a technical risk associated with a requirement and I managed to mitigate it by doing some research and discovering a way to achieve it. Then there was a new development that we were supposed to do and I managed to find an open source project that met 80% of our requirements.

I am determined to walk out of this job as professionally as possible. So I am doing all that I possibly can to ensure a smooth transition. I just hope that my successor is as keen to take up the tasks that I was doing in an equally enthusiastic manner!


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