So Long Thaththi!

Today happens to be my fathers second death anniversary.

It seems just like yesterday those days that I used to joke and argue with him on all things from politics to everything else. He never tried to act like a boss to me and my brother. He allowed us to make our own mistakes and allowed us to learn on our own. But he always kept a vigilant eye on what we were upto, just to make sure that we were not going on the wrong track.

If there was one thing he loved (apart from amma and us) that was books. I remember now, there was hardly a week that he did not buy a new book. Sometimes, I would come home from work to find a new book on my table. He knew about the latest books on any area that we were interested in.

Once a friend of his told us that he loved everyone else selflessly, but not himself! Maybe that's why you departed from this world. Oh thaththi, I wish you were here. But alas, it is not to be!

I know this is a selfish wish, but I hope to be your son in the journey through sansara!


  1. I’m so sorry….I can just imagine your loss….

  2. -----

    Hey Man,

    Hope your’e doing fine. All the bezt. And I’m sure your dad is watching over u and ur brother.

  3. Not a selfish wish… but a Love filled one… A wish that will definitely come true my friend!

    Death is only an open door to a better place, a better life. He hears you and your prayers!

    All the very best to you and you family!

  4. Lushi

    Im sure that he is up there watching over you and feeling proud of you.I wish i got to know him more.But from the little time i spent with him i knew that he would be a great father in law.I miss him to and i know how much you miss him.
    I will try my best to be by your side.I know i cant ever replace him but i will be there for you and with you all the way.
    I love you!

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