.NET 2.0

I know this I am making somewhat of a late entry. This is not ground breaking stuff at all. But I am happy that I made at least a late entry now.

What am I talking about? I started on .NET 2.0. I have been putting off getting my hands dirty with .NET 2.0 coding for sometime now. I think since the time I attended the TechEd in Colombo last year. First I did not want to do any projects on a beta version because, I did not want to expose my clients to any potential bugs. So I waited for the official release of .NET 2.0.

Then once it was released I was to pressed for time and was too busy getting the apps done on .NET 1.1 ready to be released. And to add to that one client was asking for a whole lot of changes that were not there in the initial scope that we agreed to. I was too busy managing those and could not start a new project and seemed like I was going to be stuck with .NET 1.1 for some time.

But when we landed the new project, due to the tight schedule I was going to go for a .NET 1.1 solution. I was decided on using a .NET 1.1 based starter kit and build upon that. But when the clients requirements were drifting too far away from the starterkit’s functionality, I thought I’d do it from scratch and decided to do it on .NET 2.0. So finally I am getting my hands dirty.

I have to say, I spent more time on initial coding stuff because I wanted to get a good grasp on what’s on offer before I plunge in. And so far from what I have seen, I am pretty impressed. Seems MS has tried to make our lifes a lot easier.

So far I used the login controls and user creation controls and was impressed to find out that these controls have implemented a lot of security features built in like the account lock outs, strong password forcing, built in user role support. Basically I have managed to implement the user security module with minimum coding.

Now that I have moved on to the maintenance part of the applciation I found that the new data bound controls a very flexible yuo can do wonders with them with minimum or no code at all. I just wish the new gridview supported data insertion out of the box. That would have made our life’s a lot more easier.

I did come across a few peculiarities as well. But then, I guess it’s a growing pain!

More on my .NET 2.0 experiences later.


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