Aspiring Mangers: Do it Your Way

A very interesting article; Aspiring Mangers: Do it Your Way on the British Computer Society (BCS) web site re-confirms the basic notion of intention-manifestation.
In this article, which is based on a speech given by David Taylor, author of the Naked Leader series of management books, it is said: “work out where you want to go or who you want to be, and then do it. He stressed that it is not necessary to know how to get where you want to be; it’s the ‘what you want to be’ that is important. Concentrating on the what means the how falls into place. It’s important to be persistent and active.”
He has also said, “Don’t spend all your time planning – take action. If something does not work in trying to reach your goal, try something else. Decide what you are going to do and close off every other possibility.” This is the same what Steve Pavlina says in proposing Intention-Manifestation. He uses another term for this which he calls ready-fire-aim approach.
It is good to knoe that knowingly or unknowingly, there are more than one proponent for this model.

  1. I’m a big believer in that deciding to do or have something is the most important step in getting it.

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