.NETCF: Changing the Company name in CAB files.

If you have developed and deployed .NETCF Pocket PC/Smartphone apps by creating the CAB files, then you would have wanted to do this.

You create the CAB files using ‘Build CAB File’ option. Then you copy the CAB into the device and install it. Now if you go to the Settings -> System Tab -> Remove Programs, you will see your application as “My Comany Application”, where application is your application name. For obvious reasons you dont want this to appear as ‘My Company’.

This is how you change it. THe CAB file build process is controlled by the Application_PPC.inf file, where Application is your applciation name. This file is in the obj -> Debug or obj -> Release folder, depending on the configuration that you use.If you open this file in Notepad you will see this part:

Signature=”$Windows NT$”
Provider=”My Company”
CESignature=”$Windows CE$”

You can change the “My Company” above to your company name. That solves the problem!

IMP: Please note, if you use the Build Cab File option from within Visual Studio, then this file will get overwritten with a default file. And your changes to this file will be lost. Instead, to build the CAB files, use the BuildCAB.bat file. This will create the CAB files with the modified settings.

Hope this helps someone out there!


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