Vitual Hard disks (Internet File Storage)

**Ok, I admit that this may be old news and some of you may be using this already. But if you were not aware of this, you may find this very useful. 

I am sure that most of us are used to carrying our files around in a USB flash disk. I am on my third USB flash now and it is an essential tool that I carry around just like my PDA. But today for some odd reason I decided to look for virtual drives. I remembered my brother using an account sometime back. I also remembered reading somewhere about a person who has coded a personal photo hosting service using Gmail for storage.

Looking around I came across this tool. This is called GMail Drive Shell Extension. Once this is installed this shows your Gmail account as a drive in your PC.


You have to input your gmail user name and password. Then you can just drag and drop your files to the drive and it uploads the files to yoru gmail account. Then the uploaded files are posted into yoru inbox as a email with the files as attachments. So downloading the files is similar to downloading an attachment.

However, I found the performance a bit erratic. I uploaded a small file, and it uploaded in teh second attempt, but I am still trying to upload a folder with a few files and subfolders and I am getting errors. Also, this is not necessarily supported by Gmail though it is not against the EULA. So the service may break anytime google decides. Also, there’s a 10MB single file size limitation. And a file name cannot be longer than 40 chars. All are limitations imposed by google.

But hey, it is worth a try!



  1. i really don’t see the point of converting an email account to a drive. isn’t there enough storage online that can be accessed with other easier methods?

  2. Hi,

    Thanks. If you could share a few services you have used with your experiences that’ll be great

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