This blog of mine is now blogrolled on kottu.org, a blog aggregator for Sri Lankan blogs. I have been kottu.org for sometime when I have some time to kill and want to find out what’s going on around town. There are some pretty interesting people there. People who move about the town, and knows what’s going on.

I used to move around town, hangout after dark till the morning wee hours sometime back. But I kinda eveolved out of it. Now I am more of a home person. I run home after work, to spend the precious few hours left of the day with my sweetheart! Those days I had time to kill. Nowadays time is luxury. So I find out about happening events from the blogs of these people.

Coming back to the topic, since I was added on to kottu.org, this blog has been getting a bit of hits. 19 to be from kottu.org, yesterday, since I was added. Interestingly, they are not only reading this, I have a few interesting comments as well. It’s nice to get some comments. I guess I have been deprived of the company of all these interesting people for sometime.

I am looking forward to being a consistantly contributing on this community! Oh BTW, thanks guys for the comments.


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