New Challenge

Today, was a good day in a way. I was given a new assignment. It is an opportunity to manage a new project from start to finish. This is a good opportunity in the sense, I get the chance to put my Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) knowledge into practice and to manage it the PMI recommended way.

Our company has won a tender administered by the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka under the e-Sri Lanka initiative. Our solution is actually built around one of our own products and a few customizations to it. On top of the existing solution we have to build a web component. The best part is I am already familiar with an open source solution that has about 80%of the required functionality of this web component as well. So I can cut down on this implementation time as well.

I think the fact that I took PMI certified training on project management paved the way for me being landed on this project. And to be very honest, I think in the company’s point of view they have finally found something to keep me occupied. I know for a fact that they were struggling for a while to keep me busy and interested on work stuff. They tried shuffling me around, but very soon I got bored doing the regular stuff. A challenge is a challenge only till you figure out the art of doing it!

The better part of the day was spent on going through the RFP and the tender documents to get myself familiar with the requirement and the proposed solution. I have worked on preparing this tender at that time, but I was never interested enough on it to get the whole picture.

So anyway, I am happy to be managing this new project. It is not chicken pea either, It is worth 12 million bucks and if I do screw up I can do so in style! But I am going to give this the PMI treatment and as my GM said, I can practice what I learned at the companies expense!


  1. Hi,

    Please let me know how you obtain the PMP certification. I want to contact locat chapter but unable to do so.

    Best REgards


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