ESPN & STAR Sports on CBNSat

This is great news for sports lovers (those who are like me, who like to ‘watch’ sports, but not get sweaty playing them, and maintain our plumness ;)). CBNSat is going to launch ESPN and Star Sports on thier network pretty soon. And that was the only thing they were missing.

I have been on CBNSat for a while and the only shortcoming I saw was the lack of sports channels. Of course they had some football channels, but me being the not-so-big-fan of football, was not at all interested in those. Then there were some programs that covers World Rally Championship and some adventure sports on AXN, but that was not regular (or I could not remember the times). I guess what I missed most was cricket and the moor sports, especially the F1, and some basketball.

Now that ESPN and Start Sports are here, I think I am going to get my dose of sports. And the best part is they are going to be included in the current package that I am on, without a premium. That’s great! Thank you CBNSat!


  1. Pradheep

    This is great news for the CBNSat viewers but CBNSat should also get Star World, Star Movies, Channel V International, Sky, Hallmark Channel and God TV.

  2. Nishan

    I was one of the first 25 customer to subscribe CBN connection,i would like to request cbn management whether they could introduce MTV Europe under their exsisting package(Music Television on PAS 10 68.5′ which is being boadcast through Multichoice Africa)

  3. Hi Nishan,

    I think you should make that request from CBNSat. I am not an employee there nor do I represent them in any form. I am, like you, only a subscriber to thier service.


  4. Jason

    I am a subscriber of CBNSat and I am sick of their slow expansion rate. They are adding channels very very slowly. I have been requesting God TV and some certain other channels from them and have not got a response from them. They do not care about their customers. God TV is a FTA Channel and does not cost them anything to include on their line up. They are losing all their would be Christian subscribers because of this. We might have to move over to Dish TV which is now available on Satnet (011) 2596800

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