Promoting your blog

I have been doing a little bit of research during the past week or so on how to promote my blog. As usual I did a search on google and came up with hundreds of links to articles, services and sites. And in most of those articles one particular site kept popping up. And that was blogexplosion.

So I signed up. Checked around the FAQ’s and realized there’s only a very little I have to do. It was a reciprocal deal. i had to list my blog in thier directory and read other blogs listed in the directory. I was supposed to spend a minimum of 30 seconds in each blog. Actually, when i started to read, I was spending more time than that, if it happened to get my interest. And on other sites, i just sepnt the minimum 30 seconds to earn my points.

Seems blogexplosion is pretty strict with their screening process. I submitted another site which I had started a week ago, and it got rejected for lack of content. Fair enough!

So,if you are also looking for a way to promote your blog, to bring your writing to a larger audience, go ahead and sign up. After all, there’s nothing for you to lose. Only a gain of more traffic. Who knows, it might hook you up with soem regulars to your blog, if what you write truly interests them. And if you are thinking about signing up at blogexplosion, use this link. it will earn me some referal credits.


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