Project Management Training

I concluded my 5 day training program on Project Mangement today. It was a good and productive 5 days where I learnt a lot about succesfull project management. This covers the 35 hours of education required to sit for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam.

Now I have two challenges in front of me. First and immediate challenge is to get all that knowledge organized in my mind in a form that can be applied in the exam. Since the exam is going to be in May, and we are planning on doing regular revisions, this should be a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound) goal.

The second is to apply these strategies into my profession. Although, these days I am involved in more business development tasks, I can easily pass on the tips I picked up to the projects that I have to manage in the very near future. Also, in the mean time, I look forward to passing the knowledge to my colleagues, whom i hope would make some use of it.

I think some of the knowlege areas that I covered in this course, particularly like Risk Management will be highly successful, if applied properly into our companys’ projects. As I see now, one of the biggest limitations of our project mangement practice is the lack of formal risk management strategies. As a result, we end up fighting fires most of the time.

Adopting formal risk management strategies is inline with what Stephen Covey calls Quadrant 2 activities, which we should be paying attention to. This is a important but not immediate activity, which we tend to neglect, when trapped in the important and immediate activities. And as a result, we never get out of this first quadrant of important and immediate activities, leaving us no time for the second quadrant.

So, with the adoption of the “best practices” into our processes, we should be able to derive some sense to the chaos we tend to be facing from time to time. And what I picked up within the last 5 days, seems to be exactly what the doctor ordered, to get us out of the chaos!


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