Migrating to WordPress

I just discovered WordPress today. Although I have heard about it before, I only “discovered” it today. The deciding factor was Categorization.

I have been happily using blogger untill the need arose for categorizing the posts. I looked around blogger and found workarounds proposed by other users known as hacks. But they were too painful to implement. Besides, I just wanted to categorize my posts, not to hack with the code. Then I was searching on Google and landed here on WordPress.

The article that opened my eyes was one called Time to check: Are you using the right blogging tool?.
So here I am blogging away on WordPress. I have to say, as a novice blogger, I was pretty happy with Blogger. And let’s see, how things will be as a slightly advanced blogger on WordPress.

I am going to try to import my posts on Blogger and tblog. And hopefully, i will be able to implement other tweaks that I had in those blogs on WordPress as well.
WordPress here I come!


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