Happy Birthday Google!

Google is 7 years old!

I have been a big fan of Google and almost all its services. I simply love the simplicity and comprehensiveness in thier offerings. I tend to turn to Google to find information about anything and everything. And I use Google almost every day.

I love the way they offer simple products, take the search, or Gmail or Picasa or this: Blogger. THe interfaces are simple and Intuitive. Navigation is a breeze. Of course, for arguments sake, these are kinds of interfaces that are suitable for a certain types of applications. I would not want my programming IDE to be this simple, for I will get annoyed with its limitations very fast in that case. But having said that, Google has the best interfaces for what it does.

I have been reading quite a bit on Google’s activities lately and seems they are on thier way to re-define how we do computing. I for one, is looking ofrward to that!


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