What’s up?

Well its been a while since I made a posting on my blog. This was mainly because I was busy with work and sometimes with my studies. I am nearing the end of my MBA and I am having exams in a couple of weeks and also I have to do a dissertation. The exam I can manage but the dissertation is killing me.

First I had no research topic. I thought of many but some I discarded my self and others were rejected by the academic board. So finally I came up with a topic which I thought was interesting enough and possible to do and the academic board thought was worth doing. The topic is Business Intelligence and Corporate Decision Making. I want to do a case study on a blue chip congloramate in Sri Lanka. My only hope is that I will be able to do justice to the topic.

Among other things that kept me busy were that I spent a few weekends searching for a new car and finally ended up buying a Honda Civic RTi (EK5). It’s a car manufactured in 1999 and have to say that I fell in love with the car the moment that I saw it. So did my wifee, so it was a unanimous decision to buy the car.


  1. Hi Sampath

    Came across this when I was looking for details on the net for EK5. I was looking for a good EK3 since sometime and saw this EK5 yesterday at a car sale in Kohuwala. My concern is the fuel consumption (as it is a full time 4WD as I was told)

    Will u be able to share your experience about this? How does the EK5 does on fuel and what good bad about the car?


    777842482 – Dehiwala

  2. Sampath

    Hi Shaif,

    It was a great car to drive. The car would hug the road even at high speeds. But being a full time 4WD automatic, it was high on fuel consumption. I never calculated the figure, but it was pretty high!


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